Prevention and Treatment Of Periodontal Diseases

The aim of periodontal therapy in chronic inflammatory periodontal disease; to eliminate inflammation, to prevent supra and subgingival bacterial infection and to provide pocket elimination. Gingivitis treatment is with plaque control. Periodontitis treatment begins with the initial treatment. This treatment includes the patient's knowledge and motivation for oral hygiene, as well as supra and subgingival tooth surface cleaning (SRP) for root surface straightening.

Gaining periodontal health with periodontal treatment can only be achieved by eliminating or controlling the plaque and then providing meticulous plaque control. Mechanical methods (SRP) are primarily used to control supragingival plaque formation for the prevention of the disease and to remove the subgingival plaque for its treatment. Although surgical and regenerative techniques have an important place in periodontal treatment methods, it is also known that the main success in all treatments is achieved with mechanical treatment. Studies have shown that mechanical treatment reduces the amount of periodontopathogens and changes the microflora in this region. Brushing and interdental cleaning applied by the patient for supragingival plaque cleaning and tooth surface cleaning and root straightening procedures applied by the physician for subgingival plaque are the main principles of the treatment of inflammatory periodontal diseases.

In cases where non-surgical mechanical treatment is insufficient, surgical treatments are applied as it allows direct access to the root surface by flap lift. In the treatment of periodontitis, flap operation is an effective way to control the progression of the disease. Its success then depends on the implementation of a qualified maintenance program.

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